• General Information
  • 1) Is there an age restriction on becoming an Eagle Scout?
    2) Doesn't being an Eagle Scout expire when you turn 18?
    3) What is the role of the Eagle Scout Advisor?
  • Merit Badge Requirements
  • 4) I've lost some or all of the blue cards for my merit badges. Do I need these to become Eagle?
  • Project Creation and Planning
  • 5) What types of projects are appropriate for an Eagle Scout project?
    6) What is a project "beneficiary"?
    7) Is there a minimum number of hours required for an Eagle project?
    8) Are there restrictions on who I can recruit to volunteer to help on my project?
    9) How do I fund my Eagle Project?
    10) Do I need permits or tour plans for my project?
    11) Should I include drawings and sketches in my project planning?
  • Project Execution
  • 12) What is my role in the execution the project?
    13) How do I make sure that volunteers will show up to help me with my project?
    14) How do I keep track of volunteer hours during my project?
    15) Are there safety requirements for my project?
    16) Are there restrictions on tool usage?
    17) My beneficiary wants to make changes during project execution. Is that okay?
  • Project Binder
  • 18) What goes on the cover of the binder?
    19) What goes inside the binder?
    20) How do I organize my project binder?
    21) Do I need to make copies of my project binder?
  • Application
  • 22) Do I get my binder back?
    23) What should I include in the Ambition and Life Purpose Statement (req. 6)
    24) The reference section requires a religious recommendation, but I'm not religious.
    25) Where do I send my Eagle binder once it is complete?
    26) When are the Eagle Boards of Review scheduled?
  • Boards of Review
  • 27) Who will be at an Eagle Board of Review?
    28) What types of questions should I expect from the board during the review?
    29) What materials do I need to bring to the Board of Review?